Wood pellets bagged

Wood pellets bagged

Energy Pellets Trading B.V. purchase and sell different kinds of bagged wood pellets from industrial, DINPlus up to ENPlusA1, Sustainably Certified. We have transport facilities to transport by vessel, train and truck.

Houtpellets kopen bij de specialist

Are you looking for a specialist in the field of wood pellets? Then you have come to the right place at Labee Group. We have a large number of products ready for you, where you can count on getting the highest quality. Buying wood pellets from us is therefore a good choice. We supply a large number of different customers, including supermarkets, DIY stores and wholesalers. If you also want to purchase our products, you can always contact us about this. You then get a beautiful product that is made of environmentally friendly material.

Order wood pellets easily

The wood pellets from Labee Group are easy and safe to use in, for example, a pellet stove or a pellet boiler. These are products that are produced entirely in the Netherlands, made from sawing residues from the wood processing industry. We get our raw material from all over Europe. It is an eco-friendly, sustainable product that you can proudly sell to your customers. We sell different types of wood pellets. You can opt for wood pellets as bagged goods or as bulk goods. Contact us if you have any questions about this, or if you want to know more about our company and our other products.

Buy wood pellets from Labee Group

We encourage you to take a look at the extensive information about our products and our company, which you can find elsewhere on this website. Here you can read that we guarantee an environmentally friendly product that is made of a sustainable material. You can order wood pellets from us, but we also sell fire logs, firelighters, cat litter and wood sawdust. We trade in industrial, DINPlus and ENPlusA1 wood pellets. We deliver the highest quality available in this field.


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